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Why does my car key need programming?

Car Key Programming Service in Greater Orlando

We are often asked by customers with what appears to be a plain key why their key will need programming if it has no remote control. We decided to take the time to write a short article addressing this issue so that if consumers search the web to try to understand why their plain looking car key would need programming, they will find an answer.
Like many people, if you called a locksmith because you lost your only chip key for a Ford F150 2003, you may be surprised when the locksmith gives you a price for cutting and programming a new key. You may then be surprised to learn that inside your plain looking key, there is a security chip which needs to be programmed to your car to run the car. You can put a cut key into the ignition, but it will not run the car. Why? Well, think about the difference that makes in security. No one can just copy your key cut and run your car, or find another way to turn your ignition, they will not be able to steal your car because they will not have a key that is programmed to your car.
Of course, all remote keys and push to start keys need programming in order to function.

Typical Prices of Car Locksmith in Orlando

Can a locksmith cut and program me a new car key if I have none to copy from?

Yes, absolutely. We can program a new push to start proximity smart key as well.

What if I do not know if my car key has a chip inside it?

No problem, our expert locksmiths will be able to determine if there is an interior transponder and price accordingly.

How much does it typically cost to copy my transponder car key?

Generally, between $100 and $200 with cutting and programming included.

How much is it to cut and program a new transponder key if all my keys are lost?

Typically, between $150 and $300.

How long does it take to make me a new car key?

Usually once the locksmith is at your location, it will take less than 30 minutes.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and Credit Card.

Do I need to come to you?

No, we are 100% mobile, and all services are performed at the customer’s location and convenience.

If I have a blank key, can you cut and program it for me?


We hope this short article has been illuminating. If you have any questions, our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions at 407 529 4806.
We also offer all other car locksmith services including but not limited to ignition change and repair, rekeying for car door, trunk, and glove compartment, car unlock services, and car key extraction.
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