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Smart locks are sleek, modern, and appealing, but what about functionality? Are they more secure? Can they actually save you money? In this short post, we are going to talk about why you should invest in a smart lock for your home or business.

The first thing you should keep in mind when considering upgrading to a smart lock, is that lock and key technology has made a lot of advances in the last 15 years. If you have an older lock, while it may have been top level 10 years ago, it may leave you the most vulnerable home or business in the area now.

Smart locks come in many variations. Some are simply convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Others have increased security using high security deadbolts, alarm connection, or other features to increase the efficacy of your locks. Many smart locks can save you money by using a button rekey feature. Meaning, if you need to rekey your lock, you can push a button instead of calling a locksmith.

Smart Locks Save You Time

When it comes to convenience, smart locks are hands down the best option. No more fumbling around for your keys, no risk of losing your keys, you can give guests, employees, and workers one-time codes for entry, without compromising your security. Many smart locks have camera features, so if you hear someone at your door, you can check who it is without physically going to the door. That is safer for obvious reasons. If you see a suspicious person, you can alert others to be nearby before you open the door. Additionally, many smart locks combine microphone and camera settings so that you can speak to the person at the door without coming to the door.

Smart locks save time in so many ways. If you need to let someone in your house in the middle of the workday, you can open the lock from your smart device with no work interruptions.

Commercial smart locks are generally high security and add to your business’s security because you can give employees codes. This means that if you must fire an employee and they are out of control, you do not need an expensive rekey job, you can just delete their code. Smart locks make all the difference in the world for property managers and hospitality businesses, for obvious reasons.

So, simply put, smart locks are almost always a good buy. In the long run they can save money, they look fabulous which can impact home sales value, they can offer higher security, save time in your daily business operations, and the best part of all, they are not even that expensive generally.

Call us at Mobile Locksmith Sanford today, and we will give you a quote for a new smart lock and professional installation and setup.

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