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What To Do If You Are Locked Out.

Locked out? Do not panic. If you have time, there are a few tricks you can try to get the door unlocked yourself before calling a locksmith. We are happy to share them and try to save you the cost of getting a door unlocked. If you do need a locksmith to unlock the house, business, or car in the end, you should be aware that it is an extremely affordable service, but if you have time, why not try yourself? We will write a few helpful tips in this short article.

How to unlock a bedroom or bathroom door.

In many homes the bedroom or bathroom door has a small hole in the doorknob where you stick a tiny screwdriver in until you feel the little spring, push it in while you turn the knob, and you will be able to unlock the door yourself. Do not put a screwdriver that is too big in the hole, or a pen, or anything else that might damage the doorknob as it costs more to replace than getting a cheap lockout service.

How to unlock a deadbolt lock.

Now this gets very tricky. You need to have pick tools and know how to use them or a drill, know how to use it without damaging your door and be willing to completely destroy the lock. In most cases it is cheaper to get a lockout service than to buy a new lock, so plan this carefully.

How to unlock a car yourself.

The answer to this one is simple. NEVER do it. Even if you have an air wedge and car lockout tools, your car is worth a lot. Misusing the air wedge can crack your window or warp your car door which is usually not even repairable. Trying the pick the lock with the wrong tools can destroy the car lock, the window, or the door. It is simply not worth it. Unless you can get in through a window, just do not try to unlock the car yourself.

How to unlock a freezer or a shed.

Usually, this one is easy. The freezer usually has some rubber you can lift and then you can see the latch. You can usually use a butter knife to move the latch so that it will open. Shed locks usually work the same way with a latch so in most cases they can easily be unlocked with a butter knife too.

How to unlock a sliding glass door.

Sliding glass doors are often very low security because they also work with a latch type of lock in many cases. If it is the low security latch it can also be opened with a butter knife in most cases. You just have to be careful and make sure you do not break the glass, damage the door frame, or damage the latch.

In most cases, you should not attempt to unlock anything yourself because lockout services are cheap and replacing locks or windows and doors costs a lot more. But sometimes it can be very easy. Call us if you need a locksmith to come unlock the house, business, or car now.

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