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Car Lockout Services in Detail

Customers often call us and ask questions about how getting a car unlocked by a locksmith works. We decided to write a short page answering the most frequent questions so that you can easily get answers before you even have to call an emergency locksmith.

The most common question we get is “will the locksmith have to break my window?”. The answer is 100% absolutely not. After all, why call a locksmith if he is going to break your window? You can do that yourself. We use the correct tools to unlock cars without causing any damage and we certainly never break windows.

Another frequently asked question is “will the locksmith damage my car door when he puts the air?”. No, he definitely will not. With the correct training, a skilled locksmith knows to remove the air before opening the door and how to position air wedges exactly right so that the door is left in perfect condition.

The biggest question everyone has is usually “how much does it cost to get a car unlocked?”. The answer varies based on your distance from our locksmith technicians, what the make of your car is as some of the newer cars are extremely difficult to open and an 18 wheeler truck is a completely different ball game than getting a sedan unlocked, and also where the keys are is important. If the keys are in trunk it may run the cost up because for some car models unlocking the trunk is very difficult, for others the locksmith can just open the door and use the trunk release feature most cars have. The typical price of a car lockout is between $60-$120, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the car and where the keys are as previously mentioned.

What Does a Car Lockout Process Usually Look Like?

Here is how car lockout services by our mobile locksmiths go 99% of the time:

The customer calls us and gives their address and details of where the keys are, the model and year, we provide a price over the phone as well as an ETA, the customer agrees, we send the locksmith technician to the customer’s location. Then the locksmith takes an ID to ensure that the customer is authorized to unlock this car, gets the signed receipt, strategically places air wedges to put as little air as possible while being able to maneuver a hook, and the locksmith unlocks with the hook, takes the air out, gives the customer their receipt, takes credit card payment, and is on his way to the next customer.

Call us if you would like any more information about car unlock services, or any other auto, residential, or commercial locksmith service in Volusia or Seminole Counties. We are available to assist your 24/7 with any lock and key need you have at affordable rates, and by licensed, bonded, and insured locksmiths.